Plainfield Township Fire Department is a 24-member volunteer department located in Hale, Michigan.  Plainfield Township covers a large portion of Iosco County, including the towns of Hale, Long Lake and South Branch.  The fire department is also responsible for covering the east half of Hill Township in Ogemaw County. Plainfield Township alone contains over 69,120 acres of which 29,937 is public land, much of it the Huron National Forest. It also includes thousands of structures.  But this represents only the department’s primary service area. Besides formal mutual aid agreements with three townships near Hale, PTFD has been paged at one time or another to assist fire responses in most of a four-county area, including Roscommon, Ogemaw, Oscoda and Iosco counties. That area includes ten communities for a total service area of 750 square miles.


The department averages about 125 runs a year, or one every three days.  These calls include approximately 25 structure fires a year, or two every month.  


New firefighters must pass a rigorous 6-month training program conducted by the State of Michigan.  In 2009-2010 PTFD was pleased to host the most recent training program conducted for this area in Michigan.


PTFD is housed in an old fire hall, but the hall is packed with state-of-the-art equipment and apparatus.  Engine 552 is the only pumper with a forward-facing engineer compartment ever built by Pierce Manufacturing, custom-made to PTFD specifications in 2004.  It can run five hand lines simultaneously, carries a full rescue jaws-of-life rig and has compressed-air foam capability.  Engine 553 is brand new, custom-made to PTFD specifications in 2008.  Although technically a brush-fire engine with pump-and-roll wildland fire suppression capability, it also packs a punch, able on its own to fight a structure fire, since it also has on board a compressed-air foam system.  It also is rescue-capable, carrying another complete jaws-of-life rig.  These engines are backed up by no fewer than three tankers, which together carry over 13,000 gallons of water.  PTFD also possesses an Argo which can be either tracked or wheeled for search-and-rescue operations in lakes, swamps and wildland areas, in either winter or summer.